I’m watching a Marching Band Festival and…



Hold up… 





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japansky → wow, that's a long time to be long distance. that's pretty impressive! and I love this campus and the town so darn much. The farmers market definitely is a good walk over from the dorms. it's sooo worth it though. did you mostly walk around the produce or did you visit the food vendors? and speaking of marching band, I marched sax in high school. I do play clarinet though. I miss my bass... :'( they're too expensive... :'(

ah, sorry, your response to my pastry thing got lost in the posts somewhere. and yeah! It’s been a couple years for me too. I discovered it… I’m not sure when, but sometime my senior year of high school. It’s so goooodddd. And I’ve converted numbers of my friends as well.

thanks! you could definitely say we’re pretty serious.

the one time i went, we went through the craftspeople, produce, and the bread and coffee and such.

we were clarinet players! the easiest instrument to march with! (at least in terms of arm soreness.) that’s kind of fallen by the wayside, though i might do All-Campus Band next semester.

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japansky said: he is pretty great. and that’s so cool that you and your boyfriend both go here! What do you think about fall in bloomington so far? btw, if you go to the farmers market again, I’m always there, working at the crepe stand!

funny story, actually—my boyfriend and I met in our high school marching band when I was a freshman and he was a senior. we ended up best friends and eventually together, were long distance for three years while he was at IU, and as luck would have it, IU is a great school for an English major such as myself, so here I am!

Bloomington in fall is GORGEOUS. I will keep that in mind! the farmer’s market is awesome, I just hardly ever make it over there.

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"Men’s Rights" activist and self-proclaimed philosopher Stefan Molyneux pretends to be a woman posting a positive comment on his own video “debunking” Frozen but completely fails at account switching


Men do things like this a lot

I never want to stop thinking about this.

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japansky → oh, and I'm so glad you got to meet willis at phoenix! I would have gone, but I had work, haha. my friend mercedes was in the homecoming parade, so she was pretty bummed, too.

dang, that sucks. it was really cool to meet him! I totally freaked out and stood there like a statue while my boyfriend made conversation and basically forced me to speak, haha. it’s really rad of him to talk to me over Tumblr, I really appreciated that.

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japansky → it's so greeaaatttttt! I was a freshman last year, but I dropped out because I've realized that I want to be a baker and pastry chef. And it's really cool to see all the places. the IU shirts in the first strips slipped right past me, and it wasn't until I saw one of the panels with them out behind woodburn that I was like "waaaaiiiiittttt a sec". (I'm from Bloomington, actually)

that’s awesome! follow your dream, dude. I didn’t realize it was set at IU at first either, though I must have realized at some point. not sure exactly how long I’ve been reading, two or three years I guess.

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japansky said: you’re a student, I take it? (and I got to following you through the DoA stuff.)

yeah, I’m a freshman. I read a lot of webcomics, but DoA is my favorite (and has been for a while). it’s really neat to actually be living through a lot of the same stuff as the characters—with a lot less drama, of course—and see all the locations that the characters visit.

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japansky → Btw I'm also a Bloomington person

Nice! I’m loving it here.

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Oh Bolin…

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i spent so much time gazing at the word “friend” that i become convinced that it must be spellled wrong because it looked look frie[d]-end

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